DocTalks: Social Determinants and Medical Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Vulnerable Populations**for Support Workers**with Dr. Birinder Narang, Burnaby Family Physician
MoneyTalks: Benefits for Seniors

MoneyTalks: What People Need to Know in the Time of COVID-19

DocTalks in Punjabi with Dr. Sumeet Kalia,

Burnaby Family Physician 

DocTalks in Arabic with Dr. Amir El Masry, Burnaby Family Physician and the Arabic Speaking Community

DocTalks From Surviving to Thriving During the Pandemic with Dr. Davidicus Wong, Burnaby Family Physician
DocTalks for Seniors in Mandarin (During the pandemic) with Dr. Billy Lin, Burnaby Family Physician

Doc Talks for Youth: Your Questions Answered by Dr. Davidicus Wong 

Doc Talks for Families with Young Children by Dr. Charlene Lui

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